Planetary Physics of Hatérion and the Outer Regions

There are not much discovery in astrology but people of Hatérion know what they can see with the naked eye from Hatérion.
There is 7 moons orbiting the planet Bardu, Bettledorf, Calec, Dertezh, Ozembar, Paloron, Tobareh. Also there is two visible planet, Aggradon and Zetonia.

Bardu and Dertezh is the biggeste moons there are and the smallest moon is Calec.
Paloron is the brightes moon and shine with a white light.
Calec has a deep, sea blue color.
Bettledorf is know for its unique dim green light.

Aggradon, also known as the red giant, is a red spot visible for a couple of months twice a year.

Zetonia, The Sister, is a big sphere the sieze of a moon. In the night sky, it is always visible sometimes smaller or bigger. Since the dawn of the elder races, the sister was visible in the sky.

The star that makes day and night is called Helios. A day consist of 24 hours, but the sessoning consist of multiple years of summer and multiple years of winter, spring and fall is rather short periods of time between winter and summer shifts.

Further knowledge is not common and only a few people commits to the sience of Astronomy.

Planetary Physics of Hatérion and the Outer Regions

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